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RSB x James Pyle hand crafted design 


Make your slides and grinds buttery smooth with RSB knuckle wax. 


Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Coping doesn't need wax, but ledges do. Go skate more ledges with RSB Knuckle  Wax.


How to wax a curb or rail:

  • Locate the spot you want to grand on the curb or rail.
  • Rub the wax on the edge of the curb or rail as hard as you can, until the wax builds up on the surface. Cover the entire surface of the curb or rail – even the corners.
  • Grind the curb or rail until the wax completely blends into the surface, for slick and easy grinding.

RSB Knuckle Wax - Pink

€ 7,00Price
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