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Skatepark classes

Skatepark classes at Area 51

These classes can only be booked directly at Area 51 Eindhoven. Click on this link to sign up. 

To be able to participate in these classes, you must have some skating experience and basic skills. You must be able to comfortably skate forwards and backwards and be able to stop. If you're not at this level yet, we recommend the outdoor workshop and/or some more practice before trying your luck at the skatepark.

We offer skatepark classes at different levels:

We can teach you how to pump in a ramp, do a drop-in, stalls, ride banks and other basic tricks.

Next level
We can teach you a variety of tricks like:
- stalls like 50-50s, one footed stalls, fakie, etc.
- slides
- grinds
- handplants
- hoho / handstand
- spins like 180s or 360s
- half cab
- other tricks, let us know what you'd like to learn!

Check the calendar on the Area 51 website.


From 8pm to 9 pm, free skate until 10 pm.
Feel free to come in at 7.30pm to put on your skates and warm up.

Area 51
Klokgebouw 51
5617 AB Eindhoven

Skates and protection
We don't have rental skates, so bring your own! Any type of roller skate will do.
Wearing a helmet and knee pads is mandatory during our classes. We recommend you wear full protective gear, including wrist guards and elbow pads.

Skating is at your own risk. By signing up for this course you agree that Rolmaten and Space Skates cannot be held responsible for any injuries or damaged goods.


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