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Coming soon! We're expecting them to arrive in May or June.


The HEX plate is the heavy duty skate plate you've been waiting for. Designed and crafted locally in Australia, it not only encompasses the features required to hone your skating to the highest level, it also puts quality, sustainability and ethics at the forefront. 


The first production run is based on pre-order only. This means your plates will be made for you in the Magic Skate Goods Sydney factory and will ship to us approximately mid May 2024 and we'll get them out to you shortly afterwards. 



  •  High impact resistant hexagon brace pattern modelled off nature's strongest shape. 
  • A specially formulated lightweight but heavy duty Nylon construction, made with skating in mind by design experts specialised in action sports. 
  • Allan key adjustable toe stop. 
  • Longer wheelbase than most skate plates for maximum stability. 


The 'Raw Plate' option comes with pivot cups, kingpins, cushions, cushion retainers, mounting hardware, and nuts. Don't pay for anything you don't want/need and use your trucks and toe stops of preference.


The 'Narrow Truck' option comes with all of the above, plus standard narrow roller skate trucks. 


NOTE: The sizing is the length of the plate in mm. So, all you need to do to know your size is measure the base of your skate and choose the best option to fit.  

Magic Skate Goods Hex Plates

€ 90,00Price
  • Hex Size Brunny Size
    215.5mm Small
    228mm Medium
    240.5mm Large
    253mm Extra Large
    260.5mm Extra Large


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