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We're bringing Last Supper to The Netherlands! These wheels are made in Texas, by skaters for skaters! 


  • 52MM
  • 99 Duro
  • Riding Surface: 17.5mm
  • Classics: Round, has a smaller riding surface which creates less friction & has better agility.
  • Holythane Formula, this formula is specifically made to cater to your street needs.
  • Stoneground Finish: Meaning your wheels arrive ready to hit those rough streets, our rough surface finish mimics the rough road and help give you less resistance.
  • Flat Spot Resistant.
  • Best suited for 2.5 in trucks and under (narrow trucks)
  • Sold in packs of 4.  You will need 8 Wheels for roller-skates.
  • Has a small diameter, weighs less, with a small riding surface making it ideal for technical skaters since it creates less friction, will be faster, provides more agility, helps with longer slides/grinds, is perfect for speed & control.


If you've ever watched a Last Supper edit you might've caught their love for man hole covers in the streets, so they had to make our own LS man hole cover. 

Last Supper Holythane Classics (52MM/99A)

€ 60,00Price
  • Diameter 52 mm
    Riding surface 17.5 mm
    Hardness 99a


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