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We're bringing Last Supper to The Netherlands! These wheels are made in Texas, by skaters for skaters! 


Last Supper Capsule with Serpent Formula is the softest durometer in the Last Supper line up and they're made for communting, trail skating and rough surfaces. OThis formula is catered to trucks 2.5" and up.


  • Size: 55mm

  • Hardness: 95A

  • Formula: Serpent Formula

  • Best suited for trucks 2.5 and up (wide trucks)


Sold in a pack of 4 wheels. 

You will need 2 packs for roller-skates. (8 Wheels)

Last Supper Capsule Serpent Formula (55mm/95A)

€ 55,00Price
  • Diameter 55 mm
    Riding surface n/a



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