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DogDays Magazine 08 – Year book 2023

Five years and the press is still running! After months of collecting more skate content than ever from all over the globe we are super happy to present you our latest issue!  As usual you get a high-quality print magazine made in Germany.


For our anniversary issue we asked you, skaters and photographers, worldwide to send in photos for a chance to be featured on our cover. Having the honor to pick an image out of more than 240 photos was a standout for us. We appreciate every one of you.


Eventually, Emerald Kelly photographed by Mathias O’Neill on the roof of a shop in Australia made the cut. Inside we are featuring 12 additional amazing submissions from Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago de Chile, Vancouver and many more. Each of them radiates a uniqueness.

Full length interviews by Megan Shaffer who speaks about how she deals with fear of hitting big handrails, Thais Coupet spills some beans why she turned down having a pro model and how she found a better way to make a living out of roller skating while staying true to herself. Silvia Kambouridis and our photographer Bryan Banducci take us on a ride through their new home New York with photos that are pure magic! We talked with Barbie, Bomba and Lady Trample on the past and future plans.



Columns: Alyssa Brooks on “Growings pains in the roller skate community”, Marta Popowska explores the question of “Am I too old to skate?”, Malin Hiegle explains “The origins of terms such as Skate or Die”. And Chuffed Skates creator Samantha Trayhurn tells us how she started a roller skate company with no business background but with a lot of heart and a vision.


Of course, we dug deep again to bring you some roller-skating history from Down Under letting Paul “Rollerball” Jessep reminiscent of Australian beginnings, Brian Wainwright talks about his long career, we are taking a look back to skating downhill in Stuttgart, Germany, and the legendary Tropica.


And if that’s not enough, be prepared for some wonderful art by Pika and Jessika Savage and many amazing photographers who make all these skaters look good.

The DogDays Magazine yearbook 2023 is a high-quality print product, full magazine size, printed by a local printer here in Germany. Everything is made for roller skaters by skaters. We hope you like to support this idea too.z


Photographers & Illustrators
Anny Ayala @malcriadamedia, Pika @pika.psd, Jessika Savage @jessikatastrophie, Jonas Vietense @jonasvietense, Phil McKenzie @philmckenziephoto, Bryan Banducci @bryanbanducci, Ragnaroll @_ragnaroll, Tony McKay, Tom Franck & many more!


Alyssa Brooks @iguessimalyssa, Malin Hiegle @malin_hie, Marta Popowska @octopolly, Samantha Trayhurn @marmaladeslam, Nica Umeda @nica.plays


Featured Skaters

Anny Ayala @malcriadamedia & the Las Vegas skate scene, Bomba @bomba_hache, Barbie @barbie.patin, Megan Shaffer @meganshaffe, Thais Coupet @thaisonwheels, Emereald Kelly @skitztits, Silvia Kambouridis @silvkam, Samara Pepperell @ladytrample, Lucia Dimango @moc.o, Paul “Rollerball” Jessep, Brian Wainwright, @iztapasauria, @ildrygs, @rayitocosmico, @dimitrina_krazhanova, @golddussst, @haoleskater, @harrakitty, @fongkikid, Alexis Hersey @bruized, @sunshine_on_skates and special guest Robbie Pitts @pittsandpieces


Don’t miss out on the DogDays Magazine 08 – Yearbook 2023 COLLECTOR’S Edition!

Dog Days Year Book 2023

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