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… Cause everyone should be able to skate like a pro!  


We are thrilled to introduce the newest Chuffed Pro boot, designed in collaboration with proud Larrakia Woman Tia Pitman . These boots are a new version of the Pro Boot, with an enhanced designed to withstand heavy skating for skaters like Tia, offering ultimate support and control.


The Chuffed PRO boot features:

    • Extra reinforced, firmer burnt red-orange suede boot for increased ankle support. These are the firmest boots in our collection.
  • Additional padded cloud foam lining to allow extra comfort throughout hours of skating. 
  • Boot carry loop with additional reinforcement. 
  • High impact shock absorbing insoles.
  • Heavy duty aluminium alloy eyelets.
  • Tongue stabiliser.


These skates are designed to bear high impact, and provide the support needed for advanced manoeuvres and tricks. They are suitable for both park and dance skating. 

Interior lining art designed by First Nations Artist Nikita Newley, a dear friend of Tia. The lining tells a story about Tia's childhood in Larrakia Country.

A royalty from every set of Tia Pitman Pro Boots purchased goes directly to Tia, and $10 goes to Tia’s not-for-profit organisation of choice, SevGen. This NFP is very close to Tia's heart as they supported her for years, helping her grow into the person she is now. 

The Chuffed PRO comes as boot only so you can mount it to your hardware of choice.

Chuffed Skate Pro Boot Tia Pitman

€ 295,00Price
  • Foot Lenght Chuffed Size


    235mm 4,5
    240mm 5
    245mm 5,5
    250mm 6
    255mm 6,5
    260mm 7
    265mm 7,5
    270mm 8
    275mm 8,5
    280mm 9
    285mm 9,5
    290mm 10
    295mm 10,5
    230mm 11


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